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Service, Service, Service

Most of our New Clients have been a result of a poor experience with their previous Advisor Firm.  Lack of good Customer Service is the No.1 reason people move their money to another Financial Advisor. We treat our Customers and … Continue reading

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Volatility…a Thing of the Past

It’s been a tough few years for Market Investors, wouldn’t you agree?  Many investors who had a majority of their portfolio in equities in 2008/2009 are finally getting back to even.   BUT LOOK HOW LONG IT HAS TAKEN!  3 yrs … Continue reading

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VIP Financial

Occasionally, what seems to be a setback is really a huge step forward.  We changed our name this month to VIP Financial Services, LLC.  It was the best thing we could have done to spring us forward on our path … Continue reading

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