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Turning Point

VIP Financial Services is excited to announce that we have officially moved to a new address.  Our staff is growing and we have added Property and Casualty Insurance to our portfolio of services.  We owe it all to our fantastic … Continue reading

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Ensure your Lifestyle

Ensure your Lifestyle!  Most people don’t seriously plan for retirement until approximately 10 years or less before their desired retirement date.  In fact, the majority don’t really understand or think through the whole idea or retirement until it’s entirely too … Continue reading

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Dedicated to this Tragic Day in American History 9/11/2001, when 2,996 people died at the hands of terrorists in New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania.  Every American who remembers that day, those images, the loss of life and frantic efforts by so … Continue reading

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There should be a rule that everyone over the age of 70 should be required to write an autobiography.  Think about it.  Someone that is 70 today was born in 1941. A child during World War II, experienced suburban expansion, building of interstate … Continue reading

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Why You NEED an Insurance Agent

I know, everyone in the entire world HATES Insurance Agents…but read this article and learn why you NEED an agent you Trust, to represent you and buffer any issues you might have with your Insurance Company (The Carrier).  Even more … Continue reading

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If you’re Turning 65, see this

Everyone nearing their 65th birthday should review these important points about their Medicare eligibility. READ THIS. Doug Voss (@VIPfinancialsvc) has shared a Tweet with you:  “AARP: Age 65+, and haven’t signed up for #Medicare yet? What you need to know: … Continue reading

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We Can Change the World

Belief – Conviction – Hard Work We Can Change the World and Make it a Better Place to Live Not every person we have a conversation with, hears our message.  When you believe what you say, the message you convey is … Continue reading

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